Rules for Photography Exhibition / Competition:

The photograph competition will be held for 3 categories
a) Wildlife (birds / animals / invertebrates / insects / butterflies)
b) Rare Species
c) Nature / Landscape
2) Each category will have only one prize and one consolation prize.
3) Each participant can submit maximum 5 photos.
4) Photos will have to be printed on A3 (12”X18”) size photo paper only, Electronic images cannot be accepted.
Each photo should have participants name, category ,mobile no., date and name of place where photo was taken ,written on back side.
Entries will have to be submitted along with duly filled form.
Entries must be submitted at the collection centers on or before 15th Dec 2010 by 6PM.
Photos must be from India only.
Photos can have border but this is not compulsory.
Photos of birds at the nest are not allowed, neither photos of newly born or eggs in the nest.
Srushti Paryavaran Mandal reserves the right to reject a photo where it indicates that the animal/bird might have been disturbed or willful harassment of wildlife, damage to the environment by the photographer while taking photograph.
Photographs of pets, domestic animals or photos of captive animals photographed in zoos, commercial game farms are also prohibited and are not allowed.
Images may be digitally enhanced to remove spots or scratches, but not manipulated. Participant can enhance the picture to make it brighter, clearer etc, but not manipulate the content. Srushti Paryavaran Mandal and the judges reserve the right to exclude any image they believe may have been excessively treated so as to alter its authenticity.
Judges have the right to ask for the original soft copy of the photo in case of doubt with EXIF intact.
Should the quality of entries fall below the standard required Srushti Paryavaran Mandal reserves the right not to display the photo or award prizes.
Srushti Paryavaran Mandal reserves the right to exclude entrants and withhold prizes for violating any of these terms and conditions.
Srushti Paryavaran Mandal reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without any notice.
The judge’s decision is final and can not be challenged and prizes can’t be exchanged.
The participants must be the sole author and owner of the photograph, you must not infringe on the privacy
rights, copyright or other rights of any person.
All winners will be invited to a Prize Giving Ceremony on 26th. Winners will be notified by telephone or via e-mail.
Any other costs such as cost of traveling and food are to be borne by the winners.
If a winning participant is unable to be contacted after reasonable attempts have been made to do so, Srushti Paryavaran mandal reserves the right to offer the prize to the next best entry.
Results will be declared on 25th Dec. Prizes will be awarded on 26th Dec in the evening.